How to get started

How much it is going to cost?

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce professional websites at incredibly low prices.  An exact quote will depend on a number of factors eg. Graphics, Flash, SEO and Shopping Cart just to name a few.  Contact us today for a more detailed quote to suit your needs

How long it will take?

A web site time frame will depend on a number of factors.  If you have all of the content, photos, logo and design concepts ready, we can literally get your site up and running within a couple of days.  In reality most sites require graphics, SEO and content to be researched and created.  Taking this into account the average website is up and running within around 1-3 weeks.

What info will you need to supply us with?

As much or as little as you would like!  This completely depends on how much input you would like to have.  Some companies give us the majority of the written content and all the photos whilst some companies simply want us to do everything.  You can find a balance that suits your needs.

What about Pictures?

If you have pictures that you would like to use, that is fantastic, if not we have a massive collection of photos that we have acquired the rights to.

What if I don't have a Logo?

If your business is just starting out there is a good chance you won't have a logo.  We can help you develop just the right logo to suit your brand identity.
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